Meticulous Detail Package
Compact $100
Mid-Size $125-$150
Full-Size $130-$175
X-Large $200-$300
Custom Detail Package
Compact $175
Mid-Size $255
Full-Size $250-$300
X-Large $350-$400
Custom Detail + Paint Repair
Compact $250-$300
Mid-Size $300-$350
Full-Size $400-$450
X-Large $500



Meticulous detail:

All cracks, crevices, cup holders, gadgets, vents, and all those hard to reach places are steam cleaned. All scuffs removed; carpets, seats, floor mats are deep cleaned with extraction. Leather seats are deep cleaned, then commercial conditioner is applied. Interior is disinfected. Also the exterior wash and wax, rims cleaned and tire treatment. All windows are cleaned.

Custom Detail:

Meticulous detail plus clay treatment which removes debris, pollution, and all surface scratches from paint. Then we apply a certified commercial paint sealant which comes with a 2 year warranty. Paint sealants are the longest lasting and best form of protection for your cars paint. See links page for comparison of competitor pricing. Also see service page for more information on paint sealants.

Custom Detail + Paint Repair
  • Step One: We use the finest sandpaper to wet sand your oxidized paint. This puts tiny slits into your dead oxidized paint so that the compound may enter the interior of the paint job.
  • Step Two: Now that the paint is wet and sanded, we use a high speed buffer and a commercial grade compound to resurface and repair your paint.
  • Step Three: Now we wash the compound off the car and use a speed buffer and a re-oiling glaze to remove all the swirl marks and put all purities back into the paint.
  • Step Four: Finally, we now apply certified commercial paint sealant for protection.