Service Descriptions

Wash We use very clean micro fiber wash mitts.

Wax We use commercial waxes and polishes.

Interior Cleaning all cracks, crevices, cup holders, gadgets, vents, and all those hard to reach places are steamed cleaned. All scuffs removed and carpets, seats, and floor mats, are deep cleaned with extraction. Leather seats deep cleaned, then commercial conditioner is applied. We then disinfect the interior.

Leather Cleaning and conditioning We have special pads that remove pollution from the pores of the leather and vinyl seats. Then a commercial conditioner is applied to revive and protect the leather from cracks.

Carpet Dye This will blend and cover permanent stains that cannot be extracted such as (i.e. bleach, red stains).

Metal Polishing Rust and corrosion is removal from metals (i.e. Chrome, Aluminum, Steel).

Sap Removal Sap must be removed immediately; the acid will eat through your paint. We use a commercial chemical and steam to remove.

Overspray removal Overspray can collect on your vehicle from painters, and also wet road paint. Depending on the circumstances, overspray can usually be removed with a clay treatment.

Scratch removal All surface scratches can be removed with a light compound or clay treatment.

Certified commercial paint sealant We use an “Acrylic Teflon” sealant that bonds with your paint instantly to protect against corrosion, acid rain, pollution, and oxidation. Our sealant also “rust proofs” and protects for up to two years with warranty. When “waxes” are intended to your paint shiny and they do not protect your vehicle in any way. Paint sealants are not a gimmick; they do protect your vehicle for years. Please check our links page for competitor’s prices.

Our Paint repair procedure:

Step 1
We “wet sand” the paint with the finest sandpaper to put tiny slits in the dead oxidized paint so that the compound may get through the oxidation.
Step 2
We then use a high speed buffer and a commercial compound to resurface and repair dead paint.
Step 3
The compound is then washed off the vehicle. Then we use a high a speed buffer and a re-oiling glaze to remove swirl marks and replace all impurities in the final step.
Step 4
Now that your paint is repaired we apply the certified commercial paint sealant for protection. The step must be completed or your vehicle will oxidize again within six months.

General Service List

  • Wash
  • Wax
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Dye
  • Metal Polishing
  • Water Spot Removal
  • Scratch Removal
  • Sap Removal
  • Paint Restoration – Includes “wetsanding”.
  • Re-oil Paint Line
  • Certified Paint Sealant
  • Over Spray Removal
  • Clay Treatment